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There was a typo in the last post.  Vegetable transplants in 4″ pots will be available for $1.50/each NOT $3.50.  Flats containing 50 plants will be $35.00  We apologize for the mistake.


Time to order heirloom tomato plants!

We’ve planted more than we need so let us know if you are looking for heirloom tomatoes and/or pepper transplants for your home garden!  We have many varieties available for you to choose from.  If you are interested please email us and we will be happy to send you a variety list.  Transplants will be available by mid-April in 4″ pots for $3.50.  There are a limited number so it will be on a first come first serve basis.

For you avid gardeners who need to place bulk orders we offer 2″ cell flats.  Each flat contains 50 plants and will cost $35.  We will gladly mix varieties to create a custom flat.  These will be started once ordered and will be available 6-8 weeks later.  If you are looking for a specific vegetable/variety that you don’t see on our list please let us know.

Brandywine tomato seedlings

Heirloom Tomatoes 3-11-13

Spring is just around the corner!

Our lowest chill peaches have begun to bloom! Peach trees require a certain number of “chill hours” in order to break dormancy in the spring and begin blooming.  Chill hours are the number of hours at or below 45F that accumulate between October 1 and February 15.  This particular variety is called June Gold and it requires 650 chill hours.  Although it is our lowest chill hour requiring peach it is the 3rd variety that we harvest.  We generally begin picking June Gold the first week of June.  The downside to a peach variety in our area that requires 650 chill hours is that once those hours are satisfied if we have a warm snap the tree will begin blooming and we may not be completely done with freezing temperatures.  For instance, since this variety began blooming we have had two nights on the farm where the temperature has dropped down to 28F.  After checking the blooms for damage it appears that about 40% of the blooms were killed on those two nights combined.  That sounds like a lot but as long as we don’t have too many more freezing nights we should be in good shape because we typically thin around 80% of the excess fruit off of the tree.

June Gold in bloom.

Peach Bloom 2013


We spent yesterday on the farm getting ready for the cold weather and today keeping an eye on the greenhouse temperature.  Strawberries are the only crop growing in the field right now and I am happy to report that they are nestled snuggily under floating row cover and hopefully the temperature will stay warm enough that the blooms are not damaged.  I also found that 3 of our heirloom tomato varieties in the greenhouse have started germinating!

Tomatoes germinating…look close 🙂

Tomatoes Germinating

Strawberries under floating row cover.


Greenhouse Update

It has been so exciting to finally have a greenhouse on the farm. I have wanted one for years because plant propagation has always been something that fascinates me and I love planting seeds, rooting cuttings, and grafting. The complexity of God’s creation continually amazes me and I love that He allows me to observe so much of it first hand. We have been planting seeds for a week now as we get ready for the fast approaching spring planting date. I love spending time in the greenhouse and even though I know that certain seeds can take as long as 2 weeks to germinate I will be truthful and say that doesn’t stop me from checking on them several times a day…I just don’t want to miss anything!

I wanted to share a pic of the Pak choi that has germinated!!!

Pak choi