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Patty Pan Squash

I have a confession.  I am not a squash lover, yet we have these gorgeous squash hiding under lush foliage.  We have six varieties.  Three are different types of patty pan squash, one is a zucchini, one is the typical yellow squash, and one is called zephyr.  They are too beautiful to resist.

So…my journey with squash has begun.  I am dedicated not only to eating locally, but eating primarily our produce this summer and so far I have been blown away by how delicious this squash is.  My favorite this week is the patty pan.  Patty pan squash are flying saucer shaped squash that have a firmer texture inside and hold up well when cooked.  So far we have grilled, fried, and baked it.  It is great every time.

To grill it, we sliced it into wide thin slices and marinated it in olive oil, vinegar, salt, pepper, oregano, garlic, and basil for several hours.  Then I put it on a hot grill until it was charred.  Put a little sea salt on it and… OH MY!  I could eat it alone or even on a bun.

When I fried it I sliced it the same way and fried it in bacon grease.  I am sure you could use any oil, though.  I just fried it until it was browned and crispy on both sides.  After draining it I put it on a bed of rice, covered it with a bit of warmed spaghetti sauce and some grated cheese.  Even my picky eater loved it.

Finally, we have sliced patty pan squash and used it in our lasagna recipe instead of pasta.  This is a little more watery than pasta so don’t add water to the sauce.

I guess I need to change my tune.  I am a squash lover and I am so very thankful for all the beautiful squash at the farm.

Happy eating ~ Rebecca



We had a record setting strawberry harvest on the farm today so if you are craving some of the sweetest, juiciest berries around then you are in luck! We will have buckets of berries available on the farm until 6pm or while supplies last. You can also stop by Bo-Mart on Hwy 145 and pick up a bucket from Rebecca. If you want to check on quantities before coming please call us at 205.688.6866.Boozer Berries