2015 CSA!!!

Spring is finally here and it’s that time again!  Time to sign up for Boozer Farms’ CSA.  We are very excited about the 2015 season and the new crops and markets that we will have this year.

Thank you so much to all of our valued members for your continued support!  If you have not participated in our CSA before and are looking for a way to enjoy fresh local produce please consider signing up for our 2015 season.

Our CSA program is 10 weeks and begins the 1st week of June.  Each week members will enjoy a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables that are being harvested on the farm.  Members also receive weekly newsletters with tips and recipes for using their fresh produce as well as information about what is happening on the farm.

If you have any questions or would like any additional information about our CSA program please contact us either by email (boozerfarms@gmail.com) or phone (205.688.6866).  If you would like to sign up you can complete and return the attached form.

2015 CSA Flyer


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