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2015 CSA!!!

Spring is finally here and it’s that time again!  Time to sign up for Boozer Farms’ CSA.  We are very excited about the 2015 season and the new crops and markets that we will have this year.

Thank you so much to all of our valued members for your continued support!  If you have not participated in our CSA before and are looking for a way to enjoy fresh local produce please consider signing up for our 2015 season.

Our CSA program is 10 weeks and begins the 1st week of June.  Each week members will enjoy a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables that are being harvested on the farm.  Members also receive weekly newsletters with tips and recipes for using their fresh produce as well as information about what is happening on the farm.

If you have any questions or would like any additional information about our CSA program please contact us either by email ( or phone (205.688.6866).  If you would like to sign up you can complete and return the attached form.

2015 CSA Flyer


Recycling on the farm



Growing produce means that we have leftovers.  Blemished fruits, oversized vegetables, and some leftovers from markets leave us with plenty to recycle.  We have several options.  We can put it in the worm bin for them to create worm poo, a great fertilizer or we can feed it to the chickens to turn it into eggs.  This year we are also raising two female pigs.  They eat everything, but they have a special fondness for peaches and Armenian cucumbers.  It is hillarious to hear them squeal in excitement when they see the produce boxes.

A Great Day in Helena

The market was great today in Helena.  It was fun seeing old friends and making new, while looking forward to a good season of produce.  We added potted and cut herbs today and hope to have dried herbs in the future.  The mint tea was a big hit to help cut some of the heat. 

The patty pan squash was new to a lot of people and it was fun explaining what a great tasting squash it is and discussing how to prepare it.  Tonight I am dicing mine up and throwing it in a skillet with a bit of olive oil, garlic, and the basil from my CSA box.  With a side of buttered garlic pasta it will make a great summer meal.

These are some pictures of our day and a picture of our very first Boozer Farms CSA box.  If you would like more information about our CSA click on the CSA link at the top of the page.

God bless and happy eating!


Spring is just around the corner!

Our lowest chill peaches have begun to bloom! Peach trees require a certain number of “chill hours” in order to break dormancy in the spring and begin blooming.  Chill hours are the number of hours at or below 45F that accumulate between October 1 and February 15.  This particular variety is called June Gold and it requires 650 chill hours.  Although it is our lowest chill hour requiring peach it is the 3rd variety that we harvest.  We generally begin picking June Gold the first week of June.  The downside to a peach variety in our area that requires 650 chill hours is that once those hours are satisfied if we have a warm snap the tree will begin blooming and we may not be completely done with freezing temperatures.  For instance, since this variety began blooming we have had two nights on the farm where the temperature has dropped down to 28F.  After checking the blooms for damage it appears that about 40% of the blooms were killed on those two nights combined.  That sounds like a lot but as long as we don’t have too many more freezing nights we should be in good shape because we typically thin around 80% of the excess fruit off of the tree.

June Gold in bloom.

Peach Bloom 2013