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Summer Days

On a farm, summer days pile up fast. Here at Boozer Farms we ofter feel like Lucy on the famous episode of I Love Lucy where she is working on the assembly line making chocolates. As candy comes marching relentlessly down the line, she gets behind on packing them and begins suffing them in her mouth, shirt, and everywhere else in a desperate attempt to keep up. It often feels like we are running crazy trying to keep up and everytime we blink days have marched by and the and the to-do list threatens to spill off the board.

Our days start early. On week days we get up around 5 am and pull onto the farm at 6:30. Sometimes our crew gets there even earlier for sod orders. We try to pick vegetables first thing so the heat is not as hard on them or us. If we pick a vegetable when it is already hot, it takes a long time to cool it down and can increase our losses and our cool room costs.

As we pick, we are constantly watching for disease or pest issues. We pull weeds and trellis new growth as we go. Caring for the field in this way helps us keep our plants healthy and is part of out strategy to use as few sprays as possible.

If you wandered into the field you might hear a dissertation by James, our resident historian, on the founding of the country or the importance of local politics. Or you might hear Daniel explaining some obscure fact about livestock care. His family raises cattle, goats, and chickens and produce hay and Daniel is our go to guy on all things animal. Micah keeps everyone going with his ability to quote his favorite comedian and Ethan keeps spirits high with a sweet smile and inexhaustable love for tractors. Our team truly enjoy each other. If the picking starts to get long and backs start to get sore, the singing starts. A favorite is old hymns but often with a silly twist…Amazing grace how sweet the sound, the strawberries are almost dooonnneee!

When the crops are in, buckets and baskets are hauled into our barn to be weighed, recorded, and cooled. This is usually a great time for a break as we gear up for the day. After all it is only 10 am.


Time to order heirloom tomato plants!

We’ve planted more than we need so let us know if you are looking for heirloom tomatoes and/or pepper transplants for your home garden!  We have many varieties available for you to choose from.  If you are interested please email us and we will be happy to send you a variety list.  Transplants will be available by mid-April in 4″ pots for $3.50.  There are a limited number so it will be on a first come first serve basis.

For you avid gardeners who need to place bulk orders we offer 2″ cell flats.  Each flat contains 50 plants and will cost $35.  We will gladly mix varieties to create a custom flat.  These will be started once ordered and will be available 6-8 weeks later.  If you are looking for a specific vegetable/variety that you don’t see on our list please let us know.

Brandywine tomato seedlings

Heirloom Tomatoes 3-11-13

Greenhouse Update

It has been so exciting to finally have a greenhouse on the farm. I have wanted one for years because plant propagation has always been something that fascinates me and I love planting seeds, rooting cuttings, and grafting. The complexity of God’s creation continually amazes me and I love that He allows me to observe so much of it first hand. We have been planting seeds for a week now as we get ready for the fast approaching spring planting date. I love spending time in the greenhouse and even though I know that certain seeds can take as long as 2 weeks to germinate I will be truthful and say that doesn’t stop me from checking on them several times a day…I just don’t want to miss anything!

I wanted to share a pic of the Pak choi that has germinated!!!

Pak choi